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Residential Care

Our friendly and knowledgable staff are there to support and assist residents in leading independent lives with as much or as little assistance as they require. We believe our residens’ needs should be met in more ways than one and we strive to enhance everyones health and wellbeing by encouraging both mental and physical activity.

Residential care allows our residents to enjoy group living with those who are like minded, leading a similar lifestyle, yet all without the hassle of managing a household. Alongside caring for our residents we want to increase their independence and confidence, with an improved busy social life with regular tours and events. We hold a variety of activities and entertainment for our residents to ensure our residents excitement can be found everyday.

What is Residential Care?

Residential care is ideal for someone who can no longer live alone. Some people prefer to live within a residential care home because it provides them with social interactions, security and continual assistance. Our residents can enjoy group living alongside individuals with similar interests, without the stress of maintaining a household.

The main aim of residential care is to improve an individuals overall health, wellbeing and social life. Here at Caraway House we provide more than basic care, we encourage our residents to participate in social activities; helping them thrive. Our mission is to ensure all of our residents receive the highest quality of care, no matter their personal needs.

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Residential Care at Caraway House Care Home

Prior to a residents’ arrival, we spend significant time with each resident and their family members to ensure we can put together a comprehensive, tailored care plan and if a person’s care needs change at all during their time here, our team of professionals can reassess their care needs and amend where is needed.

Residents who receive residential care will continue to be supported with daily duties to help them achieve personal tasks all with maximum ease and minimal disruption. We provide around the clock care, which guarantees our residents with a pleasant and relaxing time, where they’re free to focus on finding joy in the smaller things of life, whilst our team helps with personal care, mobility, housekeeping and meals.

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What You’ll Find at Caraway House

Caraway House offers each and every resident services and facilities that provide them with optimum comfort and convenience.

Tailored Care Plans

Specialist Equipment

Nurse Call Systems

GP Access

Optician Access

Dentist Access

Physiotherapy Access

Chiropodist Access

Residential Care FAQs

Residential care is for those who require full time accommodation with the option of around the clock care and support for personal care needs. It’s also a perfect option for those who feel lonely, or those who think they would benefit from group living. Nursing care is similar to residential care as it also provides care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, it’s designed for those who need additional help from registered nurses who can administer medication and medical treatment.

All personalised care plans for our residents are regularly assessed and monitored, so if any of our residents’ care needs change, our team will work together with them and their family members to adjust their care plan as needed, ensuring their needs are always met.

At Caraway House Care Home, you can expect 24 hour support with medical care, personal care, housekeeping, laundry services, meals, entertainment, activities and other in house facilities.

Care with our Residents at the Core

We are delighted to support those in our wonderful community of Selsey and the surrounding areas with a variety of care services. We deliver resident-focused care where each resident is valued and given the support and opportunities to continue with their hobbies, meet people, and try new things.

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Life at Caraway House Care Home

At Caraway House, the needs and interests of our residents always come first, and we encourage everyone to make their own choices and continue to live their lives as they wish. Our team works hard to form relationships with our residents and their families so that their every need and wish is met. Thanks to our various facilities, range of care services, and purpose-built environment, residents are able to pursue their passions and enjoy a happy life.

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